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Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging is used to detect anomalies that are unseen by the naked eye. Thermal imaging works by seeing thermal radiation in the thermal light spectrum that we as humans can not see. 

Thermal imaging is used in other industries such as military, science, electrical engineering, fire fighting, and in law enforcement.  

In the marine industry, thermal imaging can be used to detect delamination in hulls, bad core material under layers of fiberglass, leaking tanks, overheating wiring, water not flowing properly through heat exchangers or engine blocks, faulty pumps, etc. These anamolies that are typically easily found with the thermal imaging camera can save a boat owner or prospective boat buyer thousands of dollars. 

I only use professional grade "Flir" brand infrared thermal imaging cameras in my surveying and repair work. The cameras I use have a minimum of 160 x 120 pixel IR resolution with a maximum temperature range of 1,202 fahrenheit. My thermal imaging cameras also include MSX® (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging) which outlines an extremely detail rich digital image in the infrared thermal image which enhances the detail of the object that is being photographed or scanned. Examples of infrared thermal images are at the bottom of this page. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about infrared thermal imaging for your boat or engine whether it be for marine surveying, electrical or mechanical work. 

David Gunderson, SA

Surveyor Associate, SAMS

ITC Certified Level One Thermographer

Infrared thermal image of a center console support with water in the core under the fiberglass. Notice the backing plate in lighter purple

Diesel engine running at wide open throttle. Notice the round lighter yellow circles that show the location of the cylinders below the valve cover


Two Yamaha six cylinder outboard engines running at high idle while measuring the temperature of the cylinders to insure proper raw water flow and function of the thermostats

Picture in picture infrared thermal image of a hull bottom with some minor blistering under the bottom paint

A video on how a thermal imaging camera works is below:

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