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Services and Rates

Below are the services I offer and rates:

Marine Survey Services - Marine survey services are for any power boat or yacht in need of pre-purchase, insurance, damage claim or infrared imaging. I am a SAMS® marine surveyor and survey every vessel as per their standards. 

  • Special pricing pertains to these services based on the type of survey and the vessel's length. Contact me for a specific quote. 

Marine Engine Diagnostics - Computerized engine diagnostics and analysis. This is done by connecting special computer equipment to the engine's ECU (engine control unit) which verifies the engine's make, model, serial number, hours, error codes, and engine data parameters. This test is conducted to give the boat owner and technician information on the true condition of the engine. I can also conduct compression testing, leak down testing, and fuel pressure testing as part of this service.

  • Special pricing pertains to this service based on the engine(s), make, and model. Contact me for pricing.

Infrared Thermal Imaging - Computerized infrared thermal imaging that is conducted on vessels to identify unseen temperature inconsistencies to interpret problems that exist in engines, hulls, electrical systems, and other components on board. Thermal imaging detects sensitive thermal radiation that can not be seen with the naked eye but is present in the light spectrum.

         This service can be combined with other services, contact me for special pricing.

Marine Engine Inspections - This service is offered for boat owners or boat buyers to understand the condition of marine engine(s). Typical marine engine inspections will include a visual check of the engine(s), compression testing, fuel pressure testing, checking the charging systems, electrical functions, engine fluids, oil sample analysis, compliance of USCG Code of Federal Regulations, prop shaft run out (to check for unusual vibration), battery condition, and leak detection. A sea trial can also be performed on request.

        Contact me for a price quote for your specific engine application.

Marine Engine Repair - Repair services are available on most outboard engines and gasoline inboard engines. I can conduct these services in most areas where the vessel is located.

        Contact me for a price quote for the services you require.

Marine Consulting - This service is offered for any marine related issue that may be needed to aid the Client in understanding technical knowledge or condition of marine engines, electrical systems, or hull condition. Damage analysis consulting is also available if needed.

        Contact me for a price quote for your specific application.

Yacht Maintenance - This service varies based upon the needs of the Client. Weekly or monthly services are offered to keep the vessel underway ready.

        Special pricing based on the client's needs contact me for a price quote.

* Travel charges may apply for services outside of Palm Beach County, Florida. A written agreement and deposit may be required on some services.